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Cluden Park


Cluden Park offers multiple ways of wagering to increase your racing experience. Self-Service Terminals (SST) are located in the Sports Bar and Member’s Lounge. Each SST is an ultra-responsive touchscreen, with fully integrated and user-friendly design. 

TOTE betting involves the bettor (or 'punter' as we like to term it) wagering with gambling bodies that operate betting systems: in Australia, this consists of punting with any of the three TABs (Totalisator Agency Boards). TAB service attendants are onsite every race day, with increased attendants on feature race days.

For punters who enjoy wagering via their mobile devices, the TAB app in ‘venue mode’ will provide the punter with added exclusive deals and promotions.

Bookmakers are also found within Cluden Park on race days, with increased presence on feature race days.

Responsible Gaming

Cluden Park promotes responsible gaming for all of our guests and it is of serious importance to Cluden Park and our gaming partner, TAB. It is a cornerstone in maintaining our continued respect within the community and our commitment to good faith in operational integrity.

We would like everyone who wagers at our racecourse to fully and responsibly enjoy their experience.

TAB Commitment to Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling means betting for pleasure and entertainment and being fully aware of the associated risks. Gambling with TAB should be an enjoyable leisure activity and not seen as a way to earn an income.

While an individual’s decision to gamble is a personal choice, it is our goal to give you information and resources so you can make informed decisions that can help to manage your gambling without causing harm to yourself or others.

Help is available for those who feel they may need assistance in managing their gambling or for others who may be adversely affected by gambling.

Read the Queensland TAB Responsible Gambling Policy here.


Getting Help

To work out if you, or someone you know, may benefit from Self-Exclusion, or talking to a Gambling Help Professional, complete an assessment. There are many independent Support Organisations offering free 24/7 advice to those concerned about their wagering habits – please refer to TAB Support for more information.